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The Cerne Giant

Read the article about a picture on a hill.
Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space.

The Cerne Giant

Sherbome and Dorchester are two towns ___in___ the south of England that are quite near each other. On the road between them, (1)___ are a lot of green hills and fields. On one of (2)___ hills is a picture of a very large man. The man in the picture is called the Cerne Giant because the village that is (3)___ to him is called Cern.

Nobody really (4)___ when the Cerne Giant was made, but people think that it was a very (5)___ time ago. To (6)___ nearer the picture, you can walk from Come. If you (7)___ on the first of May when the sun comes up, you will see all the people (8)___ the village dancing around the man on the hill.

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