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Teen Bloggers

Read the text about each of the teen bloggers and then choose the correct answer to the questions.


I started writing my popular music blog because I love music. I like it when readers send me reviews by email about a new band or concert they’ve seen, and I put these on my blog for everyone to read. I’m still at school, so I’m careful about spending too long on my blog, which is difficult as writing well takes time. I don’t think I’ll write it for much longer. I’m busy, and it takes time to post regularly.


I began writing for my school magazine. I stopped last years because of exams, but I missed it, so I started writing it again. I’m still writing for it now! The blog’s new to me, and I write about local events. I get ideas from friends when I can’t decide what to write about – we always think of something interesting that happens in our town. At first, almost nobody visited my site, but now more so, I’ve had some lovely comments.


Last year, I used to write for my school magazine, which I found really interesting. I don’t think it’s hard to write a good blog. Mine is about things from daily life that happens at our school. My older sister also has a blog, but we’re writing about fashion. We don’t discuss what we’re planning, but we read each other’s blogs sometimes. I like giving advice to students who write in asking for it – it’s good to know I’ve helped.

1. Who writes both a magazine and a blog?

2. Who says that studying and writing a blog at the same time can be hard?

3. Who answers questions from other people who read their blog?

4. Who plans to stop writing their blog soon?

5. Who didn’t have many people reading their blog in the beginning?

6. Who asks friends to help them write their blog?

7. Who says writing a blog is easier than some other types of writing?