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Red pandas

Red pandas

Red pandas live in Nepal, Northern Myanmar, India and Bhutan, as (1) ___ as in China. They (2) ___ a lot of their time in trees and are very (3) ___ at climbing. They are more active during the night than the day, and they usually (4) ___ for food in the evening and early in the morning. Their favourite food is bamboo. In fact, a female red panda can eat 20,000 bamboo leaves in a day! But they also eat fruit, grass, eggs, insects and (5) ___ small birds and animals. Scientists believe that the number of red pandas in the world is (6) ___ because the forests where they live are getting smaller. But much is being in countries around the world to help this amazing animal.

1. (1)___

2. (2)___

3. (3)___

4. (4)___

5. (5)____

6. (6)____