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Preparing to go camping with the school

Preparing to go camping with the school

From choosing the right equipment to remembering to take spare socks, campers need to be prepared! Keen camper, Jody Wolterson, 16, explains why.

Most pupils are really excited when they are taken on a school camping (1)____ really popular these days. For example, my class goes camping at (2)____ once a year. It's usually just for one night, but it's sometimes (3)_____.

Parents and children need to work together to (4)____ sure that everything goes well. Part of this is deciding what to take - this is a really important (5)_____. It's a good idea to take more clothes than you think you will (6) So, if you're going for two nights, take three pairs of socks. And don't forget your toothbrush or a charger for your phone!

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