Trang chủ / A2 Key for Schools / Reading & Writing


Read the article about a animal the otter.
Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space.


Not many people __have__ seen an otter. These animals live (1)____ rivers and make their homes from small pieces of wood. They usually come (2)____ of their homes at night. Otters are very good in the water and can swim at more than 10 kilometers (3)____ hour. They have thick brown hair and this (4)____ them warm in the water. An otter can close (5)____ ears and nose. This means otters can stay under water (6)____ serveral minutes.

Twenty years ago, there were (7)____ otters in Great Britain. The water in the rivers was so dirty that many fish and insects died and the otters couldn't find anything to eat. But today there is lots of food for them (8)____ the rivers are clean again.

1. (1)___

2. (2)___

3. (3)___

4. (4)___

5. (5)___

6. (6)___

7. (7)___

8. (8)___