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My First Cookbook by Lenard Minnow

Cookery books for young people

This week, we look at three books about cooking for people
My First Cookbook by Lenard Minnow Lenard Minnow's last cookery book was a huge success across the world. And now, he has written a cookery book just for children. It has lots of lovely reading activities, so that children can get to know the names of more unusual foods. It explains in an easy-to-read way how to cook and makes it clear that cooking can be a hobby that young and old can really enjoy.
Cooking for Students by Cormac O'Dally The idea for this book came when Cormac O'Dally's two sons went away to university. They never cooked and had no idea what to do in the kitchen, so Cormac wrote this book to help them. The photo on the cover of the book shows Cormac and his sons laughing and enjoying the food together. Students who use this book won't win prizes for great new food ideas. The meals are very simple, like cheese on toast, but they're easy to prepare and good for you, too.
Everybody Can Cook by Denise Macon With its 'look-as-you-cook' photos, you can see the author doing everything that you need to do in this wonderful new book. And, as the title says, you'll soon be able to make tasty meals. Many of them come from all four corners of the world. The author received £4,000 when the book was chosen as Cookbook of the *or in a competition this year.
1. Which book won a prize?

2. Which book has healthy recipes?

3. Which book shows that cooking can be fun?

4. Which book has dishes from different countries?

5. Which book teaches words to talk about food?

6. Which book is about food that the writer's family liked?

7. Which book has pictures of someone preparing the food?