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Hi, Mary. Sorry I'm late

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Complete the conversation between to friends outside cinema. What does Mary say to Sarah?

Sarah: Hi, Mary. Sorry I'm late
Mary: (E) Oh, that's all right

A. No. it's in my diary at work
B. Can you get me an orange juice?
C. Yes, I have. I'll phone him now
D. Why don't you go in? I've got John's ticket so I'll wait here
E. Oh. that's all right
F. If he doesn't come in five minutes. let's go in
G. He's late too I told him to be here at seven
H. I think he's coming by train
1. Sarah: Where's John?
2. Sarah: The traffic is very bad
3. Sarah: Oh, that's right. He doesn't like driving at night. Well, let's phone him. Have you got his number?
4. Sarah: Oh dear, that's a pity. We won't see the beginning of the film. It starts in five minutes
5. Sarah: I'll see you inside then

Sarah: Yes, and get some chocolates too. See you in a minute