Trang chủ / A2 Key for Schools / Reading & Writing



The bicycle is ......a....... cheap and clean way to travel. The first bicycle ___1___ made about one hundred and fifty years ago.

At first, bicycles were expensive. Only rich people ___2___ buy one. These early bicycles looked very different from the ones we have today. Later, ___3___ bicycles became cheaper, many people ___4___ one. People started riding bicycles to work and in ___5___ free time.

Today, people use cars more than bicycles; cars are much ___(6)___ and you don't get wet when it rains! But some people ___7___ prefer to cycle to work. They say that ___8___ are too many cars in town centres and you can't find anywhere to park!

1. ___1___

2. ___2___

3. ___3___

4. ___4___

5. ___5___

6. ___6___

7. ___7___

8. ___8___