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Approaching the Response - Quiz

1. Of the different question types, what type of question is this? 'The graph shows information about the sales of eight different consumer goods in two different electronics stores in May 2004. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.'

2. You want to improve your mark in Task Achievement. Which of these four things should you do?

3. When planning our response, what should we make sure to do?

4. When writing your response, how many minutes should we spend on the plan, introduction, overview, detail paragraph 1 and detailed paragraph 2?

5. This list features three things you should NOT do in your Task 1 response, and one thing you SHOULD do. Which is the one you should do?

6. Which of the following sentences - written in the detail paragraphs - would score the most points in the exam?