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An amazing stay at the Ocean View Hotel

An amazing stay at the Ocean View Hotel

I'm usually sad to say goodbye to my cousins after visiting them in Australia. But last June I wasn't. We had to change planes in the Middle East on the way back and had to stay overnight. I just couldn't wait to get to our hotel.

It was really bright, so I don't know why all the lights were on in the building! There was also loud rock music playing, which I loved (but my parents didn't)! There weren't many people waiting at the reception, so we were soon in our rooms.

The garden wasn't what I expected. 'Dad,' I said, 'you told me there was a pool!' He took me back into the reception area and then up in the lift to the 39th floor and out onto the top of the building, 'Here it is,' he said. It was amazing! Swimming under the clouds was awesome.

I've stayed in some great hotels around the world, but nothing as cool as that one! I saw photographs of it before I went, but they don't really show how large the building is. I couldn't believe it. Everything is huge -the building, the pool, the meals (which were delicious, too, by the way)! There's so much to do and see there. I hope we can go back again and stay for longer!

1. The writer says that last June, she felt

2. What was the hotel like inside?

3. Where was the hotel's pool?

4. What do we learn about the writer in the last paragraph?

5. Why has the writer written this text?