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Advice on doing homework

Advice on doing homework

Damian, 13 I don't mind doing homework, especially when I play some jazz and not pop) on my phone. When I do, I'm able to think more carefully about what I'm doing. Sometimes I really enjoy doing my homework, especially when it's maths and I understand it well. Or when one of my classmates comes to my place and we study together. I find it's best if I let my parents and sister know I'm busy so they don't come into my room and spend all evening talking to me!
Louis, 11 When I started doing my homework in my room every morning, it wasn't a great success. I always found something more interesting to do! But these days, I don't have the same problem. I just go to my room in the evening, switch on the light, sit down at my desk and do it. I do love music, but if I put my MP3 player on, I start to think about the song and not the homework! So I don't listen while I work. It's the same problem if my mum or dad put music on in the next room. I turn my mobile off or put it away before I start. That helps too.
Jackson, 14 I usually do most of my homework before I go to bed. And then I do a bit more as soon as I wake up. I've always found it easy to do that. I'll maybe look at my German vocabulary for five minutes before breakfast. I tell my friends at school: 'If you want to do your homework well, make sure your room is nice and bright. Otherwise, you'll fall asleep!'
1. Which person says it's better not to look at his phone while he's doing his homework?

2. Which person sometimes does homework with a friend?

3. Which person tells his family when he is working?

4. Which person says that there most be enough light in his room so he can work?

5. Which person thinks that listening to music helps with homework?

6. Which person works in the morning and evening?

7. Which person says it's easier to do homework now than it was before?