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A history of air travel

A history of air travel

In 1783, two French brothers built __the__ first balloon to take people into the air. One hundred and twenty years later, in 1903, the Wright brothers built the first plane with an engine and (1)___ in it. This was (2)___ the United States. Then, in 1918, the US Post Office began the first airmail service.

Aeroplanes changed a (3)___ in the next thirty years. Then, in the 1950s, aeroplanes became much (4)___ because they had jet engines.

In 1976, Concorde was built in the UK and France. It is the fastest passenger plane in the world and it (5)___ fly at 2500 kilometres an hour, so the journey (6)___ London to New York is only four hours.

Today, millions of people travel (6)___ aeroplane, and it is difficult to think of a world without (7)___

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