Trang chủ / Toán Kangaroo / Lớp 1-2

USA Math Kangaroo 2009

1. 3-point questions

The following construction is made from the identical wooden tiles (as shown in the pic- ture). From how many tiles?

2. What is the sum of all digits of the number 2009?

3. 5 girls have their birthday on the same day. Their birthday cakes are shown.

Which of the girls is the eldest one?

4. On which plate are there less apples than pears?

5. In the table Ann has written 4 numbers, the sum of which is 50. Which number is covered by the butterfly?

6. 4-point questions

On the last school day the father with 3 sons went to the circus.

Ticket office
Child ticket 9 USD
Adult ticket 12 USD

How much USD did the father pay for all the tickets?

7. Ann wrote down two arithmetical opera tions correctly. Some of the numbers she has hidden under stickers – identical numbers under the identical stickers

What number is covered under the sticker

8. The doctor prescribed 60 tablets for Ann to be taken one tablet each day. Ann took the first tablet on Monday. On which day of the week will Ann take the last tablet?

9. Diana’s mother bought 6 identical packet s of chalks. Diana spilled the content of 2 packets – there were 18 chalks on the floor. How many chalks did Diana’s mother buy?

10. Tom is 2 cm taller than Peter and 5 cm taller than Paul. How many centimeters is Peter taller than Paul?

11. Diana has drawn 6 flowers and Ann has drawn 4 hearts. Barbara has drawn 3 times less flowers than Diana and 2 hearts more than Ann. Which of the pictures below is drawn by Barbara?

E: None

12. 5-point questions

There are 19 monkeys in the zoo: 4 of them are chimpanzees and 3 of them are baboons. All the rest monkeys, capuchins, are evenly distributed between three cages. How many capuchins are there in each cage?

13. Johnny is 4 years old, and his father is 26 years old. How old will Johnny’s father be when Johnny grows thrice older than now?

14. Granny baked cakes with cheese and cakes with jam – 31 cake in total. If there were 11 additional cakes with cheese, the number of cakes with cheese and that with jam would be the same. How many cakes with cheese has Granny baked?

15. Ann has bought 2 identical notebooks and got the change 4 USD. If she bought 2 notebooks more she would be short of 2 USD. How much does one notebook cost?

16. Adam, Michael, Paul, and Tom are showing their post-stamps. It appears that Michael has more stamps than Paul, and Tom has less than Adam. It is known that it is not Tom who has the least amount of stamps. Which of the boys has the least number of stamps?

17. Dad has been mushrooming for two hours. During the first hour he picked up 39 mushrooms. How many mushrooms did he pick up during the second hour, if mummy, cleaning 7 mushrooms in 5 minutes, has prepared all the picked up mushrooms in 40 minutes?

18. Peter has 12 toycars and Paul has 4 toycars more. How many toycars have the boys got together?