Trang chủ / Toán Kangaroo / Lớp 1-2

Singapore Math Kangaroo 2013

1. Part A: Each correct answer is worth 3 points.

Which digits are missing?

2. There are twelve books on a shelf and four children in a room. How many books will be left on the shelf if each child takes one book?

3. Which of the dresses has less than seven dots, but more than five dots?

4. There are white, grey and black kangaroos. Which picture has more black kangaroos than white kangaroos?

5. How many more bricks are there in the larger stack?

6. There is a path with square tiles.

How many tiles fit in the area inside?

7. Lotta cuts a big piece out of a cake. Which one?


9. Father gives 5 apples to each of his three children. Ana gives 3 apples to Sanja and then Sanja gives half of her apples to Mihael. How many apples does Mihael have now?

10. George has 2 cats of the same weight. What is the weight of one cat if George weighs 30 kilograms?

11. Which kind of square appears most often?

12. How many carrots can the rabbit eat, walking freely in this maze?

13. Cat and Mouse are moving to the right. When Mouse jumps 1 tile, Cat jumps 2 tiles at the same time.

On which tile does Cat catch Mouse?

14. Peter built a podium (as in the picture). How many cubes did he use?

15. There are 5 children in a family. Kitty is 2 years older than Betty, but 2 years younger than Dannie. Teddy is 3 years older than Annie. Betty and Annie are twins. Who of them is the eldest?

16. Which is the next?

17. Kasia has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. How many brothers and how many sisters does her brother Mike have?

18. In a game it is possible to make the following exchanges:

Adam has 6 pears. How many strawberries will Adam have, when he trades all his pears for just strawberries?

19. Ann has a square sheet of paper:

She cuts these pieces:  out of the sheet, as many as possible. How many pieces does she get?

20. Sophie makes a row of 10 houses with matchsticks. In the picture you can see the beginning of the row. How many matchsticks does Sophie need altogether?

A tile falls off the wall. Caroline has three extra tiles, see the picture.

Which tiles fit?

22. Ana has one coin of 5 cents, one coin of 10 cents, one coin of 20 cents and one coin of 50 cents. How many different values can she make with these coins?

23. Ania makes a large cube from 27 small white cubes. She paints all the faces of the large cube green.

Then Ania removes four small cubes from four of the corners, as shown. While the paint is still wet, she stamps each of the new faces onto a piece of paper. How many of the following stamps can Ania make?

24. A square box is filled with two layers of identical square pieces of chocolate. Kirill has eaten all 20 pieces in the upper layer along the walls of the box. How many pieces of chocolate are left in the box?