Trang chủ / Toán Kangaroo / Lớp 1-2

Malaysia Math Kangaroo 2018

1. What do you get when you invert the colours?

2. Alice draws a figure connecting the ladybirds in the order of increasing number of their dots. She starts with the ladybird with one dot. Which figure will she get?

3. At least how many 4-ray stars like this are glued together to make this shape ?

4. This pizza was divided into equal slices.

How many slices are missing ?

5. How many kangaroos must be moved from one park to the other in order to get the same number of kangaroos in each park?

6. Which of these ladyb ug s has to fly away so that the rest of them have 20 dots in total?

7. Emilie builds tower s in the following pattern

Which one will be the tower number 6?

8. Little Theodor assembled a stacking toy as in the picture. How many rings will he see looking at it from above?

9. 4 point problems

Juana, the friendly witch, has 5 broomsticks in her garage. She removes the broomsticks one by one without moving the others. Which broomstick will Juana take at last?

10. The two transparent squares are put on top of each other. What can you see?

11. Peter drew a pattern twice, as in the picture. Which point will he reach when he draws the third pattern?

12. Lisa has 4 pieces , but she only needs 3 for completing her puzzle frame . Which piece will be left over?

13. Diana shoots three arrows at a target.
On her first try, she gets 6 points and the arrows land like this:
On her second try, she gets 8 points and the arrows land like this:
On her third try, the arrows land like this:
How many points wil l she get the third time ?

14. The dog went to its food following a path. In total it made 3 right turns and 2 left turns. Which path did the dog follow?

15. How many right hands are in this picture?

16. Charles cut a rope in three equal pieces and then made some equal knots with them. Which figure correctly shows the three pieces with the knots?

17. 5 point problems

The number of dwarfs that can fit under a mushroom is equal to the number of dots on the mushroom cap. The picture below shows one side of each mushroom, the number of dots on the other side is the same. If 30 dwarfs are seeking shelter from the rain, how many dwarfs will get wet?

18. 1 ice - cream costs 1 euro. There is a promotion so you can buy 6 ice - creams for 5 euros. How many ice - creams at most could you buy with 36 euros?

19. How many different numbers greater than 10 and smaller than 25 with distinct digits can we make by using t wo of the digits 2, 0, 1, and 8 ?

20. A pirate has two chests. There are 10 coins in the lef t chest and the other is empty. Starting tomorrow, the pirate will put 1 coin in the left chest and 2 co ins in the other one every day. In how many days will the two chests have the same number of coins?

21. Alice has 3 white, 2 black and 2 grey pieces of paper. She cuts every no n - black piece of paper in half. Then she cuts every non - white piece of paper in half. How many piece of paper will she have?

22. Mark had some stick s of length 5 cm and width 1 cm . What is the length of the fence?

23. The road from Anna's house to Mary's house is 16 km long.
The road from Mary's house to John's house is 20 km long .
The road from the crossroad to Mary's house is 9 km long.

How long is the ro ad from Anna’s house to John's house?

24. Nelly bought 4 toys in the store. Their costs satisfy the equalities:

What are the cheapest and the most expensive toys?