Trang chủ / Toán Kangaroo / Lớp 1-2

Malaysia Math Kangaroo 2017

1. Who catches the fish?

2. In the picture there are 5-pointed, 6-pointed and 7-pointed stars. How many 5-pointed stars are there?

3. The cake in the picture is cut and divided among some children. Each child receives a piece of the cake with three cherries on top. How many children are there?

4. If we cut along the dotted line, how many parts will the rope split into?

5. Ellen wants to decorate the butterfly with the given stickers. Which butterfly can she make?

6. How many bricks like this  are missing in the igloo?

7. In the picture we see a string with four beads. Which of the strings below is the same string?

8. We choose four numbers from 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7. We write one number in each square so that the equation is correct. Which number is not chosen?

9. In the country of Gemland you can trade three diamonds for one ruby, or one diamond for two flowers. How many flowers can be traded for two rubies?

10. Jim and Ben sat on the Ferris wheel as in the picture below. The Ferris wheel turned and Ben was moved to the place where Jim was before. At that moment, where was Jim?

11. 4 points

Alfred is rotating a shape six times. The first three rotations are shown in the picture. How does the shape look like at the end?

12. Which picture has twice as many apples as there are carrots, and twice as many carrots as there are pears?

13. Brian and William stand in line. Brian knows that there are 7 people in front of him. William knows that there are 11 people in the line. If Brian is just in front of William, how many people in the line are behind William?

14. Now it is half past one o’clock. What time was it two and a half hours ago?

15. Sepehr has two paperboards. He colored one side of each paperboard like the following. Which shape can he make using both paperboards?

16. A kangaroo makes 10 jumps in 1 minute and rests for 3 minutes. Then he again makes 10 jumps in 1 minute and rests for 3 minutes, and so on. What is the least amount of minutes that he needs to make 30 jumps?

17. Which stamp has been used to get the picture below?

18. Each of the 4 keys fits one of the 4 padlocks. The numbers on the keys refer to the letters on the padlocks. What is written on the last padlock?

19. In Old McDonald’s barn there are one horse, two cows and three goats. How many more cows does the barn need so that the number of all animals is twice the number of cows?

20. Given three cards with holes. The top of each card is white and the bottom is grey. Basil puts a string through the holes, as in the figure below. By arranging the cards, which figure is possible to get?