Trang chủ / Toán Kangaroo / Lớp 1-2

Malaysia Math Kangaroo 2016

1. Which letter on the board is not in the word “KOALA”?

2. How many ropes are there in the picture?

3. Michael built a house with matches as in the picture. How many matches did he use?

4. In a cave, there were two horses, one bear and three bats. Later, five horses, three bears and four bats joined them. How many animals are in the cave now?

5. Which point can we reach starting from the point O, if we cannot pass through walls?

6. Matt had to deliver flyers about recycling to all houses numbered from 25 to 57. How many houses got the flyers?

7. Which shape can we make with 10 cubes?

8. Sophie is arranging black and white marbles following the pattern shown in the picture.

How will the marbles appear on the top level where the question mark ? is located?

9. Agatha the Hen lays white and brown eggs. Lisa puts six eggs in the box below. Two brown eggs cannot touch each other. At most, how many brown eggs can Lisa put in the box?

10. Kanga is 1 year and 3 months old now. In how many months will Kanga be 2 years old?

11. 4 points

Granny went out to the yard and called all the hens and her cat named Kitty. All 20 legs ran to her. How many hens does Granny have?

12. In Baby Roo’s house, each room is connected to any neighboring room by a door, as in the picture. Baby Roo wants to get from the room A to the room B. What is the least number of doors that he will need to go through?

13. There are twelve rooms in a building. Each room has two windows and one light. Last evening, eighteen windows were lighted. In how many rooms was the light off?

14. Mary is walking along the road and she reads only the letters located on her right side. Moving from point 1 to point 2, what is the word she will get?

15. Which picture cannot be made by using only shapes like

16. Amy wants to build a larger square from small square tiles. She already glued six tiles as shown.

At least h ow many more tiles does she need?

17. Paul saw five birds sitting on a wire. Some of them were looking to their left, others – to their right, as shown in the picture.

Each bird chirped once to each bird it saw. For example, the middle bird chirped twice because it saw birds 4 and 5. In total, how many chirps did Paul hear ?

18. There are 4 ladybirds in the picture. Each one sits on a flower. The difference between the number of dots on their left and right wings equals the number of the leaves. The sum of the number of dots on both wings equals the number of the petals. Which of the following flowers has no ladybird?

19. On each of six faces of a cube there is one of the following six symbols:  and . In the picture we can see this cube shown in two different positions. Which symbol is opposite the

20. The numbers 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 15 are distributed into groups with one or more numbers. The sum of the numbers in each group is the same. What is the largest number of groups?