Trang chủ / Toán Kangaroo / Lớp 1-2

Canada Math Kangaroo 2012

1. How many animals are there in the picture?

2. Which piece fits in the empty place?

3. How many legs do the animals have altogether?

4. Helena has written down the word KANGAROO twice. How many times did she write the letter A?


Luke repeats the same four stickers on a strip.


6. On Friday Dan starts to paint the word BANANA. Each day he paints one letter. On what day will he paint the last letter?

7. Which of the following lines is the longest?

8. Katja is in a boat on a lake. What reflection does she see in the lake?

9. Part B: Each correct answer is worth 4 points

Thirteen children are playing hide and seek. One of them is the "seeker". After a while nine children have been found. How many children are still hiding?

10. Father hangs the laundry outside on a clothesline. He wants to use as few pegs as possible. For three towels he needs four pegs, as shown.

How many pegs does he need for nine towels?

11. Today, Betty added her age and her sister's age and obtained ten as the sum. What would the sum of their ages be after one year?

12. The clock shows the time when Stephen leaves his school. School lunch starts three hours before school ends. At what time does lunch start?

13. A dragon has three heads. Every time a hero cuts off one head, three new heads emerge. The hero cuts one head off, and then he cuts off one more head. How many heads does the dragon have now?

14. Stars, clovers, gifts and trees repeat regularly on a game board. Some juice was spilt on the board. As a result some pictures can't be seen (the ones that were in the white squares).

How many stars were on the board before the juice was spilt?

15. Eve brings twelve candies, Alice nine candies and Irene doesn't bring any candy. They put all the candies together on a table and divide them equally among themselves. How many candies does each of the girls get?

16. Tim is looking at seven silk paintings on a wall. On the left he sees the dragon and on the right the butterfly.

Which animal is to the left of the tiger and the lion, and to the right of the fruit?

17. Part C: Each correct answer is worth 5 points

Winnie the Pooh bought four apple pies and Eeyore bought six cheese cakes. They each paid the same, and together they paid 24 euros. How many euros does one cheese cake cost?

18. Sparrow Jack jumps on a fence from one post to another. Each jump takes him one second. He makes four jumps ahead, then one jump back and again four jumps ahead and one back etc. In how many seconds will Jack jump from START to FINISH?

19. Grandmother made eleven cookies. She decorated five cookies with raisins and then seven cookies with nuts. At least how many cookies were decorated with both raisins and nuts?

20. At a school's party, Dan, Jack and Ben each received a bag with ten candies. Each of the boys ate just one candy and gave one candy to the teacher. How many candies did they have left altogether?

21. What number is covered by the flower?

22. Ann has a lot of these tiles:

How many of the following shapes can Ann make by glueing together two of the given tiles?

23. In a box there are three smaller boxes, each one of which contains three even smaller boxes. How many boxes are there in total?

24. There are coins on the board. We want to have two coins in each column and two coins in each row. How many coins need to be removed?